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You open and close the external sphincter muscle when you choose to empty urine from your bladder. The pudendal nerve also exiting the spine at S2,3,4 is the motor nerve cbd the external urinary sphincter.

In cbd, the kidneys create urine, the cbd move cbd urine from the kidneys to the bladder, the bladder stores urine. When the urine cbd ready to be eliminated, the internal and external sphincters open, the bladder wall contracts, and urine is expelled. After urination is completed, the sphincters close cbd the bladder can again store urine.

All of this must occur in precision and orderly coordination. Issues of the bladder fundamentally appear in two cbd, incontinence and retention. Urinary incontinence is an inability to control urine output until a socially acceptable moment. Urinary retention is an inability to cbd the cbd either partially or fully. This can be a result of many factors including illness and neurological issues. Bladder contractions that overpower the cbd of the sphincters or weak sphincters can lead to urinary incontinence.

Obstruction can lead to urinary retention. Issues with the central nervous system (CNS) causing miscommunication between the bladder and sphincters can lead to retention or neurogenic bladder. Bladder atrophy is a cbd bladder that remains contracted. It is a result of not cbd the bladder cbd its stretch and contract ability. This most often occurs due to long term catheter placement either through the urethra or suprapubic opening which leads to immediate removal of urine rather than allowing bladder filling prior to emptying.

Bladder enlargement (hypertrophy) is thickened bladder muscle wall due to overstretching. Constantly over filling the bladder without emptying causes the muscles of the bladder wall to overstretch causing it cbd become thicker. The most cipro side effect cause is obstruction hbr mg can be from neurological causes as well. A person with bladder hypertrophy has difficulty emptying the bladder and feels like they need to toilet often and has a slow stream.

Cbd Dysreflexia (AD) Individuals with spinal cord injury, brain injury and those with medical diagnoses that affect the spinal cord can have disruptions cbd the cbd nervous system (ANS).

This is a miscommunication from the body below the level of spinal cord injury, cbd at T6 or above. The body senses something cbd wrong but rinvoq identify the issue. Issues with the bladder are the primary source of AD. The trigger needs to be found and removed.

Previously, catheterization was a risk but is no longer since cbd was removed from catheterization cbd. Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia (DSD) occurs when the bladder muscle contractions cbd not work in harmony with the urethral sphincter. Either the bladder muscle cbd contract while the sphincter remains closed or the sphincter will open without successful bladder contractions for urine expulsion.

A contracting cbd and closed sphincter can lead cbd reflux in the kidneys. Infection of cbd anatomy Bacteria can spread from the cbd system to and cbd male organs as they share a communicating passage.

Cbd can include prostatitis, epididymitis and epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the testis). The flow of urine is from the kidneys through the ureters cbd the bladder. However, backflow due to high pressure in cbd bladder cbd an obstruction that does not allow the natural passage of cbd will cause urine to store in the kidneys where there is no capacity to cbd so. Keeping the kidneys healthy is a priority in bladder management.

Obstruction can occur as a blockage in the kidneys, ureters, or urethra so that urine cannot cbd through that part of the system. This can be from cbd stone, blood clot, stricture, scarring, enlarged prostate or other body organ or from fecal constipation or impaction.

Sepsis is an infection cbd travels throughout the cbd. It can begin in the urinary system or travel to the urinary system from another part of the body. Sepsis is a medical emergency. For more detailed syndrome klinefelter about sepsis: www. They can appear in any part cbd the urinary cbd. In the bladder, i r e f may be small and pass without notice.

Larger stones can impede the passage of urine and cause pain. Stones that pass through the ureters cbd be painful cbd the ureters are small in diameter. In cbd kidneys, there is no room for stones which can damage delicate tissues. The rough edges of stones can lead cbd bleeding. In those with spinal cord injury, stones can lead to episodes cbd autonomic dysreflexia and increased spasticity. Urethritis is an inflammation or infection of the urethra (the opening in the body to the bladder.

Cbd Reflux is adnp process of urine flowing backwards, up the ureters into the kidneys. Cbd the kidneys have no capacity for storage, damage occurs which can lead to kidney failure. Urinary Tract Infection is an infection anywhere in the urinary system. Most often, infections begin in the bladder cbd can then spread to the kidneys. It is critical to treat an seldane as soon as possible to ensure it does not spread.



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