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Reply These look perfect. Reply I love healthy and simple treats like this. They would make such a good breakfast. Reply Healthy and delicious (as always. ReplyReply These sound so good. Reply i made nuclear physics a journal very similar and I have been eating them for every meal pretty much. Reply I am always on the look oxidative stress for easy, wholesome granola bars.

Thanks for a great recipe for my on-go breakfasts :)Reply Ah. Why is thin Below this comment nuclear physics a journal commented that they didnt stick together. THANK YOU for this recipe. Reply these look delicious. Love that this is no bake tooReply Love it. I hope it works nuclear physics a journal sunflower seed butterallergies. Reply Did it work. Reply The dates act as the binding agent. Reply Well, I just wanted to say that the sultana raisins take the place of dates very well.

So glad the raisins worked. Reply These sound amazing. Anything made with peanut butter gets my vote. And so easy to switch up the flavors to keep it exciting. Reply I have been searching for the perfect granola bar recipe. Hopefully this is the one. This will be perfect. These are a great quick breakfast. ReplyReplyReplyReply If you put a handful of oatmeal in the food processor with the dates they separate nicely. Reply I wish I had read this comment earlier.

Reply I tried melting the dates along with the peanut butter and honey. Just put them in hot water and simmer them until smooth. Will be easy to incorporate Reply I know right. I made it tonight and yes, it binded well afterward. Reply 5-Ingredient granola bars. Thanks for the recipe, Sherri I can echo your comment exactly. Would you mind to share those nuclear physics a journal recipes somewhere. Sherri, for stuff like this always use the regular oats, nothing quick.

Reply I chop them into little bits, kind of like I would do a tomato Colcrys (Colchicine Tablets)- Multum taco salad but smaller.

Reply Date pulp may be available in your area from a Middle Eastern market. Reply I found it much easier to just spray my hands with some oil and mix the oats and dates by hand.

Love the recipe so thank you. Mine are still soft after 20 min in fridge- will they ever harden. Reply Hmm, perhaps your dates were VERY soft which can prevent them from hardening. Reply are nuclear physics a journal any other options that dates.

I used half dates and half dried apricots, soaking them both, they turned out great. I used dried mixed fruitapricots, mango, pineapple, kiwi, cherries and apples. I actually used soaked figs and they worked great. Reply My granola bars have been in the fridge for 20 min and are still soft. ReplyReply 1-2 Months in the freezer. Up to 2 weeks at room temperature. Stomach cancer symptoms thanks for the recipe.

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