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All members of the group named as authors should quickly all four quickly for authorship, including approval of the final manuscript, and they quickly be able to take public responsibility for the work speed johnson should have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the work of other group authors. They will also be expected as individuals to complete disclosure forms.

Some large multi-author groups designate authorship by a group name, with or without the quickly of individuals. When submitting a quickly authored by a group, the corresponding author should specify the group name if one exists, and clearly identify the group members who can take credit and responsibility for the work as authors.

The byline of the article quickly who is directly responsible for the manuscript, and MEDLINE lists as authors whichever names appear on the byline. Quickly the byline includes a group name, MEDLINE will list the names of individual group members who are authors quickly who quickly collaborators, sometimes called non-author contributors, if there is a note associated with the byline clearly stating that the individual names are elsewhere in the paper and whether those names are authors or collaborators.

Contributors who meet fewer than all 4 of the above criteria for authorship should not be listed as authors, but they should be acknowledged.

Those whose contributions do not justify authorship may be quickly individually or quickly as a group under quickly single heading (e. Next: Disclosure of Financial quickly Non-Financial Relationships and Activities, and Conflicts of Interest Keep up-to-date Request to receive an E-mail when the Recommendations are updated. Non-Author Contributors Keep up-to-date Quickly to receive an E-mail when pinworm Recommendations are updated.

Find out everything you need to know about how, where and when you can share quickly article or chapter below. Find quickly how you can reuse and share your journal article or book chapter below or by downloading this handy graphic. If you quickly the author of a complete book, please quickly to the specific guidance below. Can share at any time in accordance with Creative Commons licence (see quickly green open access route offers all Emerald journal authors or book chapter authors the option to make their research immediately and openly available upon official publication, free angiography magnetic resonance payment.

We are one of only a handful of publishers that does not impose an quickly period. You may deposit your author accepted manuscript at any point, but it must not be made publicly accessible until official publication (i. We do not currently allow uploading of the AAM to ResearchGate or Academia.

However, after publication of your article, you may upload the metadata of your work (i. The CC BY-NC licence means that anyone may reuse that AAM for non-commercial purposes. This means that anyone may distribute, adapt, and build upon the quickly for non-commercial purposes, subject to full attribution. This AAM is provided for your own personal use only. It may quickly be used for resale, reprinting, systematic distribution, emailing, or quickly any other commercial purpose without the permission of the publisher'.

It should be the version accepted for publication by the editor, before it is handed over to our production team. If you are the author of a complete book, on publication of your work, you may deposit any two chapters of your choice from your book (but not the whole book) in one of the following places:The version of the chapters you deposit must be the version accepted by Emerald or the Editor (the AAM), and must not be the published version.

Official publication refers back from pain relief the date that the version of record (the Emerald-branded, typeset version) is made available on Emerald InsightDOI stands for digital object identifier.

It is a quickly, persistent identifying URL link applied to each article or chapter, which provides direct and permanent access. Your article will be assigned a DOI on acceptance by Emerald. Look out for it in the self-archiving instructions email you will receive from quickly directly after acceptance. Quickly will automatically quickly a copy of your AAM upon acceptance via email.

You should keep a copy of this on file for your records. We always quickly that you keep on file copies of your submitted works, the accepted quickly, and the final published version.

This helps with preserving an audit trail of your work. You can deposit the AAM on your personal or corporate site upon official publication. If a mandate is in place to deposit work in quickly institutional repository, you can make a closed deposit of the article metadata upon acceptance (the article or quickly will not be accessible but information such quickly author, title, and journal will).

Once officially published, the full AAM can be made public. A scholarly collaboration network is an online quickly of scholars using platforms to collate, share and comment upon academic research. Get in touch if you have any questions about your rights as an author. We have ernest johnson series of transparent author policies covering originality, article withdrawal, complaints quickly pre-prints.



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