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Foam core, ribs and internal reinforcements make a stiff, efficient hull. The choice of flat-water paddlers everywhere. Substantial Innegra with an inner blanket of Aramid.

Innegra has excellent impact absorption, great flex and good abrasion resistance. A full wet vacuum bag makes a durable, reasonably light canoe. Multiple layers of Innegra with relation type foam core or ribs means a canoe capable of extended river tripping and expedition whitewater. An extremely durable lamination with far better performance than Royalex.

Exterior resin coated because gel coat chips and cracks when subjected to substantial impacts. Carbon outer, Kevlar inner, substantial reinforcements. Combines the stiffness of carbon fiber with the excellent relation type strength of Kevlar. The toughest composite available. Laminated black walnut and ash creates a distinctive relation type refined canoe that is stronger and lighter.

Wood trim adds 2-3 lbs per canoe. You now have the finest production relation type available. A few simple steps will protect control neural investment relation type years of enjoyable paddling.

Northstar Wood Trim: All wood parts are relation type with relation type coats of varnish except gunwales and decks. Gunwales and decks have received three coats relation type Watco Exterior Natural Oil. Repeated testing has convinced us that Watco Exterior Natural is the longest lasting and best performing wood oil available.

Watco also provides UV protection. Re-oiling is necessary when the relation type feel rough or appear dry. Warning: Items soaked with Watco may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded.

We recommend you always use a quality roof rack system to transport your Northstar. Regardless, we recommend that you secure both the bow and stern (hint: relation type hood straps or hood loops to secure the bow of the canoe). If at all possible, store your canoe indoors. There is no need for the space to be heated. Store relation type canoe out of direct sunlight.

If it is stored outside, store it upside down on saw horses or the like. Never store your canoe directly on the ground. Northstar Canoes strongly recommends any person using our canoes or relation type obtain training in safety and paddling techniques, rescue methods and CPR from a qualified instructor. Always wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD (personal flotation device) when paddling.

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Northstar Canoes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, to the original retail consumer, for the usable life of the canoe as defined by wear. Northstar Canoes will repair or replace hulls or components at our option. The customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Northstar Canoes factory in Princeton, MN. A copy of the original store receipt is necessary for all warranty claims.

When loading or unloading your canoe always place it parallel to shore in ankle deep water so you can avoid damage while loading it. Taking a little extra time to lift over obstacles prevents abrasion and scratching of the hull.

After paddling, clean your canoe with mild soapy water and a freshwater rinse to prevent scum build up. Protect the hull with frequent applications of 303 Protectant, which slows UV damage and keeps the hull clean. Follow instructions on the packaging, and apply whenever water no longer beads on relation type hull.

If the resin or gel coat has been abraded away and you can touch substantial cloth (aramid, carbon fiber or innegra) you should reseal the cloth.



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