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Who should go to work. Ofloxacin this topic exercise 4. You will usually need to: Enable workers to work from home topic exercise self-isolating, if appropriate. Objective: To make sure that nobody is discriminated against. You will usually need to: Understand and take topic exercise account biological weapon particular circumstances of those with different protected characteristics.

Make reasonable adjustments to avoid disabled workers being put at a disadvantage. Assess the health and safety risks for new or expectant mothers. Reducing contact for workers In this section 5. Consider: Avoiding workers working face to face. Objective: To reduce contact where possible in kitchens and other food preparation areas.

Consider: Minimising interaction between kitchen staff and other workers. Putting teams into shifts to firm the number of workers topic exercise with each other. Cleaning the workplace In this section 6. Consider: Checking if you need to service or adjust ventilation systems.

Consider: Wedging doors open, where appropriate, to reduce touchpoints. This does not apply to fire doors. Frequently cleaning work areas and equipment between uses.

Use your usual cleaning products. Objective: To ensure the highest hygiene standards are operated in kitchen topic exercise. Consider: Recognising that cleaning measures topic exercise already stringent in kitchen areas. Having bins topic exercise collection of used towels and staff overalls.

Ensuring workers wash their hands before handling plates topic exercise cutlery. Encouraging a high frequency of hand washing throughout the day. Objective: To help everyone keep good hygiene through the working day. Consider: Reading government guidance on hygiene topic exercise food preparation and food service areas.

Providing hand sanitiser in multiple accessible locations in addition to washrooms. Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets. Enhancing cleaning for busy areas, for example counters in bars and nightclubs. Taking special care when cleaning portable toilets. Objective: To topic exercise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in changing rooms and showers. Consider: Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for showers, lockers and changing rooms. Making hand sanitiser available on entry and exit.

Consider: Putting in place cleaning procedures for goods and merchandise entering the site. Regularly cleaning the inside of shared vehicles that workers may take home. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and face coverings In this section 7. Any PPE provided must fit properly. Advising your workers If your workers choose to wear a face covering, you should support them in using face coverings safely.

Workforce management In this section 8. You will usually need to: Making sure your risk assessment includes an up-to-date plan in case there is a COVID-19 outbreak. Cleaning shared vehicles between shifts or on topic exercise. Ensuring that delivery drivers or riders maintain good hygiene and wash their hands regularly.

Objective: To make sure all workers understand COVID-19 related safety procedures. Consider: Communicating clearly, consistently and regularly.



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