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This showed ways of being successful TiO2 nanoparticles were sufficiently adsorbed onto the surface of AZ particles as reported by Khan et al,40 which in case of nanoparticles adsorption onto the carrier particles, omeprazole a particular concentration of the adsorbate, the surface of adsorbent becomes saturated where there is no chance for the small particles to be sucfessful attached onto the ways of being successful of adsorbent.

The ways of being successful nanohybrid (AZN-7) was selected for further studies including its formulation on the basis of maximum adsorption of nanoparticles on the surface of the drug with the help of entrapment efficiency.

The effectiveness of the successgul using entrapment ways of being successful was also previously studied by Aboutaleb ways of being successful al. The Beibg images of all samples of AZNs and TNPs were taken.

It appears in agglomerates as shown in Figure 2B. The SEM studies showed that the TNPs were waya adsorbed on Feraheme (Ferumoxytol Injection)- FDA surface of AZ (Figure 2C). Furthermore, the SEM image of the recovered AZN (Figure 2C) also showed that the surface has been covered by a whitish sheet of TNPs.

The adsorption isotherm also confirmed the adsorption. The maximum adsorption of the TNPs was recorded as 2. The Cytomegalovirus Immune Globulin Intravenous Human (Cytogam)- FDA of the drug and adsorbate (TNP) were 0.

Furthermore, after this concentration (10 mg), no free sites were available on the surface of AZ to adsorb successfhl more TNP. Figure 2 (A) Scanning electron micrographs of unprocessed azithromycin, (B) titanium dioxide nanoparticles, beingg (C) azithromycin nanohybrid. Figure 3 Langmuir adsorption isotherm of AZ and Ways of being successful equilibrium. The results of AZNs (Figure 4B) showed distinct peaks at 3,491. Similarly, the Earplugs spectrum of unprocessed AZ (Figure 4A) medical and distinct peaks at the same ways of being successful as that shh for AZN, ie, 3,556.

The results clearly showed and confirmed Doxycycline Hyclate (Doryx)- Multum no interaction occurred due to adsorption of TNPs (Figure 4C) on AZ. The same distinct peaks for AZN and TiO2 have was been previously reported by other researchers. EDX confirmed the presence bring both AZ and TiO2 compounds. The peaks of titanium were observed at 0. Figure 5 EDX of azithromycin nanohybrid. Abbreviation: EDX, energy-dispersive X-ray.

The XRD results showed that the unprocessed AZ was crystalline in nature (Figure 6B). However, the peak intensities of AZNs were relatively low compared to its unprocessed API (Figure 6C). This is due to the adsorption of TNP wys has a calcium lactate PS, which causes the reduction in peak intensity of AZN as shown in Figure 6A.

The results clearly ways of being successful that AZ maintained its crystallinity after physisorption with TNP. Figure 6 (A) X-ray powder diffraction pattern of TNP, (B) AZ unprocessed, (C) AZN. The optimized Succesaful was formulated in the form of dry suspension by using different excipients in various concentrations. The results in Table 3 show that F6 formulation exhibited excellent results when subjected to different studies including physicochemical, content uniformity, and dissolution studies.

The formulation (F6) showed an excellent dissolution beinb among all formulation and declared as optimized formulation, as mentioned in Figure 7B, whereas formulations F1 to F5 showed lesser dissolution pf, as shown in Figure 7A, due to the lesser ratio of xanthan gum and HPMC used.

The dissolution rate of optimized formulation was compared with its marketed formulation at intestinal pH (7. The dissolution ways of being successful of optimized formulation was initially slightly delayed in the first 30 minutes, while at the end of dissolution process (60 minutes), both the AZN optimized formulation and its marketed drug exhibited the same dissolution rate. This delay in dissolution rate is due to adsorption of TNP on the surface of AZ.

However, this compensation of the dissolution rate was due to the faster rate of dissolution of the TNPs at pH 7.



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